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1. To become an Apartment, must mine be furnished only with Lago products?

To become a Tenant, and therefore live in an Apartment, every setting in you home must be fitted with Lago furniture, it is not a problem if you use other products or vintage furnishings; the important thing is that the general mood is LAGO.

2. I have already fitted out the kitchen but I have to finish the other furnishing. Can I be a candidate?Every setting must be fitted with Lago furniture. If you already have a kitchen and do not intend to change it, then you cannot be a candidate.

3. I would like to redo my furnishing taking advantage of the discount you offer to Tenants. However, I do not have the time to welcome people and organise small events. Can I be a candidate?The essence of our project is precisely to present real homes and home life. If you do not have the time to dedicate to welcoming other people, then you are not the ideal candidate.

4. We are a studio of young architects, we like the project a lot and we are ideal tenants. Our office is a full-scale home and the best manifesto for showing our clients that we know our business! We have a kitchen where some of us stop for lunch and a bedroom for those of us who stay late in the evening. Can we be candidates?Hey, you seem to have everything we are looking for. What are you waiting for? Fill out the form now!

5. I am very talented in organising dinners and socialising but I don’t like designing or talking about design. Can I be a candidate?Tenants know everything about Lago products. They know how to help others even to design a space, or in any case are prepared to learn how to do so. If you’re not a designer, we are not going to ask you to become one. Anyway we could find together the key for a fruitful and interesting relationship. Let’s talk about it!


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