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Appartamento Lago emerged from the awareness that design should not look to the individual product but rather to the improvement of people’s lives and work.

This is why we decided to create the first global network of houses where one can experience a revolutionary approach to living space.
Appartamento Lago focuses on the centrality of the individual, the Tenant and his or her guests, transforming the home into a zone open to relationships, experiences and culture.

And it is precisely the Tenant who opens the doors to his or her own home, entirely furnished with the Lago systematic design, welcoming guests and representing the fulcrum of a new way of interacting between project, product and people.
Entering an Appartamento Lago means replacing the vision of Lago design, typical of the traditional showroom, with direct participation in a design approach lived in the every-day and with authenticity.
Becoming a Tenant means being a unique person capable of meeting the challenge of a new project and acting while involving the people around him or her in the experience. Appartamento Lago is not only a space where one implements a new systematic vision of interior design but an epicentre of sociality, where one works, relaxes and develops the ideas that will design the future.
The apartments are in big cities, but not limited to them: they are wherever there is ferment, energy and people who have ideas about changing the world.


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