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The one who knows how to make an apartment special is its owner: the Tenant.

The Lago Tenant is the centre of attraction and engine of experiences for people. He or she organises events, knows and admires the people in the city who are making innovations and creates occasions for introducing as many people as possible to his or her own home and the value of the project it’s a part of.

The Tenant is passionate about design and knows all of the Lago furniture, he or she is their ambassador in the city, having understood the difference in approach they emerge from and the revolutionary vision they adhere to.

Opening up his or her own home, the Tenant will help others to design and plan their own and to chose the Lago system because directly knowledgeable about the experience they will have.

In this activity, the Tenant is supported by Lago, who will assist in the building of the interior system at a concessionary price and will provide the necessary training for being at the centre of the Appartamento Lago project. This is why the Tenant we are looking for is a unique person.

Life as a tenant

The Tenant is a person who loves to socialise, who can organise the best parties in just two hours, without losing heart when the moment comes to put everything back in order.

He or she can live in the Appartamento alone, with family or with friends. He or she does not have fixed hours, opening the doors based on personal availability, making appointments with those who ask to see the apartment, on a case by case basis.

In order to make his or her home well-known, he or she organises dinners, hosts small events, makes the house a hot spot and known throughout the city, serenading the neighbourhood from the balcony: the Tenant will certainly not be lacking in boldness.

Each Appartamento has its own online digital identity. The Tenant will be able to talk about his or her project and publish photos and videos of the Appartamento in order to make it known far and wide.
Through this space, it will be possible to contact the Tenant to make an appointment – even just for coffee – in his or her apartment.


Find out how to become a tenant